Fall Crafts for Kids

With chilly winds and cool days, many parents will be keeping their toddlers inside more often than during the pleasant warmth of summer.  Making a few fun crafts with your kids to pass the time will not only give you something to display and enjoy, but will help foster and encourage your children’s creativity.

Painting and coloring is fun, but consider using some of fall’s bounty in your crafting.  Paint leaves and press them onto papers.  You can do the same thing with gourds, acorns, or dried ears of corn.

Try laying a white piece of paper over a few leaves.  Unwrap a few crayons, and let your toddler roll the crayon over the leaves. The crayons will create a silhouette of the leaf on the page.

If fall items are hard to come by, consider using flowers, or even small toys like play cars.  Dip them in the paint and have the child run the cars over the paper to see the marks the tire treads leave behind.

Contact paper is another must-have for toddler crafts.  Cut out a square of contact paper, lay leaves down on the sticky side, and put another square of craft paper sticky-side down on top.  This will sandwich the leaves between the contact paper, creating a perfect hanging leaf picture or piece for framing.

Marble painting is another fun craft.  Lay construction paper down in a baking sheet or pan, and dip some marbles into paint.  Drop the marbles onto the paper in the pan, and let the children shake the pan to create marble art.

If it’s a nice fall day, venture outside to make some fun artwork.  Use sidewalk chalk to draw some fun shapes onto your driveway or sidewalk.

A nature walk is another wonderful activity for a nice fall day.  Using binoculars and a bug catcher (if you have one) try to identify different types of insects or bugs.

Since fall is a major time of activity for birds, consider making some bird feeders.  Simply take a pinecone, slather it in peanut butter, and roll it in birdseed.

Another good investment for fall crafts is a plastic craft-pumpkin.  These hollow pumpkins can be painted with washable paint, then cleaned and re-used.

Parents can also get a huge kick out of creating keepsakes.  Items like a handprint wreath are easy, cheap, and fun.  Simply trace around your child’s hand on different colors of construction paper, cut, and affix to a wreath form.  Creating a turkey handprint is another fun fall idea.  Trace your child’s hand out, and use the thumb as the head of the turkey, and the other four fingers as the feathers.

There are many fun fall-themed ideas to keep your child entertained and exploring.



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