Indoor Summer Fun Ideas

 School’s out, and the heat is on.  While going to a park every day may seem like fun, it can quickly become dangerous in the oppressive summer heat.  Parents around the world are faced with a challenge during the summer: How to I keep my child entertained indoors this summer?

From crafts to games, there are many activities to plan in order to keep kids entertained and learning as the summer days count down to the beginning of school.  Here are a few ideas:

1. Indoor Picnic/Camping

Instead of battling bugs and cumbersome tents, create a campground in the house.  Use blankets and chairs to make tents.  Use flashlights, cook on the grill, and make smores.  If a picnic is simpler, lay a blanket down and have a picnic lunch.

2. Creative Play

If it’s too hot outside to play, set aside some time to express everyone’s creativity.  Make play dough or play dress up.  Put on a play or short show.  Sing some karaoke using online videos as the backup music.  There are many fun recipes online to use to make fun sensory play items.  Learn fractions through recipes, along with teaching about the reactions that occur when cooking and creating.

3. Learn

To reinforce school-year learning, take a few of the children’s tests and create some trivia!  Have a prize for the winner, and host a trivia night.  Invite over the children’s friends to take part as well!

4. Play Games

If your children enjoy games, get them out of the closet and use them!  Board game rules can easily be modified to accommodate younger players.  Playing cards can even be used.  You can also make your own board game using facts and lessons that the child learned throughout the school year.

5. Go on a Treasure Hunt

Hide a prize somewhere in the house, and use clues on sticky notes or flashcards to direct the children throughout the house.  This isn’t just fun, but helps children practice critical thinking, reading comprehension, and reading skills.

6. Preserve the Outdoors

If your children love the outdoors, think of creative ways to bring the outdoors in.  Use leaves, pinecones, or other items as stamps.  Dip them in paint to create beautiful nature paintings.  Pick some flowers, line with paper, and insert in books to create beautiful dried, pressed flowers.

7. Make Summer Crafts

Craft stores and dollar stores always stock small craft kits that take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.  This includes making decorated visors, beaded necklaces, or small hanging window décor.  When it’s too hot or raining to play outside, use this time to create some fun crafts with your children.

Summertime opens up a world of activities for kids, but when you’re trapped indoors, using your time to create lasting memories with your children is a valuable way to spend the afternoon.